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Washing Methodes

1.Wash Away: At first, wash away the solid poopy from pocket diapers or inserts.

2. Soak: Soak the diapers in water-detergent, 30 mins is ok (Diaper contains PUL water proof, the soak time do not over 1 hour at a time).

3.Wash: Washing by hand or washing machine (it’s better to use laundry bag if washed by washing machine.).When washing, it’s best to use water, soap or liquid laundry detergent, do not use bleach or softener (the absorbent of the fabric surface will be weaken.)

4.Dry: After dehydration, will be dried faster.

5.Sun Drying: Diapers – Avoiding exposure to sunlight directly or high temperature drying. Avoiding shorten the useful life of the waterproof layer

Inserts - can be directly in the sun exposure.


1. Do not clean with brush, avoiding pilling. It’s better to soak with water before first use. If some cotton fiber floating on the water, It is normal.

2.Washing soiled diaper and inserts in water under 30°C(Less than 86 °F).

3. Please wash pocket diaper and inserts separately, and do not wash them together with your other clothes.

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