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Absorbent – Any type of material that soaks and holds liquid and contain wetness.

Adjustable – A variety of closure like snaps/Velcro, which to fit newborn to toddlers all the way.
Biodegradable - Able to be decomposed by bacterial or other biological agents. When it is disposed of in landfills, it breaks down under uncontrolled anaerobic conditions.
Breathable - Any type of materials that allow air to flow through the baby’s skin.
Gusset - This is an extra piece of material on a diaper added in the leg opening for additional expansion and protection. Gusset are now included at the back of the baby diaper to ensure that the waist portion is fitted as well.
Suede cloth -This is a 100% polyester fabric that works similar to micro fleece. It used right next to baby, it wicks moisture away and keeps baby dry, and does not pilling up like micro fleece, also it resists stains better than micro fleece as well, so stays looking new even after a few years of use.
Polyester Fleece – it is a synthetic, man-made fabric. Some babies may be sensitive to synthetics. A wool fabric used as a diaper cover actually absorbs the moisture keeping your sheets and laps dry. Polyester doesn't absorb, but traps the moisture molecules between its fibers.
PUL - Polyurethane Laminate - Waterproof Fabric
"PUL" is a phrase was coined by a mom who ran the first co-op for polyurethane laminate fabrics. Some say it like the word "pull" some refer to it by saying the letters, "P-U-L". In diapering this fabric is usually a polyester knit, tricot, or a poly/cotton blend that is bonded to the urethane layer making it waterproof. PUL is a vast improvement. PUL makes soft, leak proof covers and All in One diapers (diapers with the cover sewn right in).

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